Goal Champion


1.What are Goal Champion ($GC) utilities?
  • $GC is used for predicting the invincible team in the World Cup tournament.
  • Some of the $GC token fees in the Champion Pool will be used for burning and reducing the supply to make the price more stable.
2.How do we purchase the token?
Subscription Presale on Pinksale or Buy on Pancakeswap after listed.
3.From which fund will the participants' rewards be taken?
The winning reward will be contributed by all participants, a part will come from the sponsoring project, and the correct predictors will shared in Champion Pool.
4.What are buy/sell taxes?
3% Tax buy and 3% Tax sell.
5.Does Inflation Happen with Goal Champion?
$GC Token will be circulated during the prediction game, part of the fee will be burned when the tournament is over, and deflation will take place.
6.How long is liquidity locked?
Immediately after being listed on Pancakeswap, LPs will be locked for 365 days by PinkSale.
7.Where is the team located?
The project team comes from countries such as West Asia, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.
8.Where can join Champion Pool?
After the program is taken place, the link address will be available direct on the website.
9.What tokens will be used to participate?
$GC Token will be used for joining Champion Pool, it's the best utility when you own.
10.When will Champion Pool open?
When each football tournament is started, the Champion Pool will be opened, for example: World Cup, UEFA Euro, Copa America, C1, and Bundesliga.
Last modified 10mo ago